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Abraham Díaz González

All my life I have worked hard to be able to achieve my goals, the main one being working with computers doing projects that awaken my creativity. Last year, I was finally able to start my studies in the field of computer programming. Since then, I have obtained various certificates and worked on a range of projects. As such, I am now looking for opportunities to work as a junior developer.

I am very keen and motivated. I always want to continue learning new skills. In addition to this, I also bring with me a lot of experience in dealing with customers and sales, which is always useful in various ways. I have excellent communication skills, a high English proficiency, can work well independetly and am a natural problem solver. I am very hardworking and positive too.

In addition, in my previous work I have extensively used software created for companies in the "REST API" format that could be improved since designing it on the table or board is different than testing it in practice.

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